Asianajotoimisto Kari Silvennoinen Ky
Korkeavuorenkatu 19 A
00130 Helsinki

Puh. 010 616 8920 (int + 358 10 616 8920)
fax 010 616 8929 (int + 358 10 616 8929)
gsm 0500 705 716 (int + 358 500 705 716)


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Kari Silvennoinen Ky

Our office

Our law firm was founded in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland. Since then we have been serving our clients in the Helsinki city centre; at the moment our central office is located in the Ullanlinna neighbourhood just opposite the Church of St. John (Johanneksenkirkko), at the address: Korkeavuorenkatu 19 A.

We want to maintain an open attitude and be an easily approachable, judicially accurate and reliable partner for our clients. We assure high-quality handling of all assignments at a reasonable fee. We also work to make sure that our clients understand their judicial position at all stages of the matter.

We can represent clients' interests in any court of Finland and Europe and we have legal skills in every field of law; we have also experience of work in the European Court on Human Rights. We work with big, medium and small companies as well as with private persons paying equal attention to any project or judicial case conducted by our office.

If you are an entrepreneur, an owner or a representative of European or American legal entity then we will recommend you how to correctly start and further organize activity of your branch or a daughter company in Finland, we will open your legal entity an account in a Finnish bank, help you in establishing and legally correct formalizing of relationships with your partners, check their reliability and honesty, help in obtaining of investment privileges. We could open a representative office or register a company in Finland as well as legally support your business on the territory of a foreign state keeping you from possible mistakes. We will check and give an unbiased estimation of your Finnish managers' work or of your Finnish partner's actions that you do not understand. We will provide for active defence of interests of your company in courts, administrative courts and courts of general jurisdiction both on the territory of all Finland and on the whole Northern region.

If you are a physical person and need assistance of a professional barrister in Finland in searching a real estate object, an apartment for living or a land plot for a business activity, in providing for guaranties when buying it, in a family dispute with your Finnish spouse, in formalisation of an inheritance in Finland as well as in defence in the course of a police investigation then our specialists will render you all necessary assistance in these questions, too. To serve our private clients in Finland, we specialize also in providing assistance within testamentary and other inheritance matters.

Russian desk

For clients’ needs, because of the business development, in year 2006 we started co-operation with Russian advocate Mr. Vasily Davydov whose office is located now at the brand new business-center «Akviolon» near the centre of St-Petersburg.

The key person

Kari Silvennoinen Managing partner, Finnish desk operator
Finnish and English languages for contact

Mr. Kari Silvennoinen, Lisenced Lawyer

  • 1997, LL.M. with court training at the District Court of Espoo;
  • 1989, Helsinki, Bar Admission;
  • 1985, University of Helsinki, LL.M.
  • 1980, University of Helsinki, LL.B.
  • Post-graduate studies in general Civil Law at the University of Helsinki

Fees and confidentiality

Our hourly or fixed fees are based on agreements. A great deal depends on the complexity of the task given by a client, the number of specialists to be involved in consulting or a judicial case, the necessity of engaging translators/interpreters, economists or appraisers as well as on many other factors. We will effect necessary negotiations, preliminarily valuate our work and offer a few variants of co-operation. All accords connected with fulfilling the task will be recorded in the agreement of legal services.

Acting as professionals we guarantee full confidentiality of all information and documents obtained by us from our client both in preliminary negotiations and in the course of fulfilling the task.


Central office in Helsinki, Finland

Kari Silvennoinen Ky
Korkeavuorenkatu 19 A, FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 10 616 8920
Fax +358 10 616 8929
Mobile +358 500 705 716
E-mail:  kari.silvennoinen@silvennoinen.fi;
Web: www.silvennoinen.fi

Russian desk

For clients’ needs, because of the business development, in year 2006 we started co-operation with Russian advocate Mr. Vasily Davydov whose office is located now at the brand new business-center «Akviolon» near the centre of St-Petersburg.

Our general partner in Russia

English, Finnish and Russian languages for contact

Mr. Vasily Davydov, Advocate davydov_the_smallest_3.jpg

  • 2006, PhD of Law, St-Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2002-2006, post-graduate study, economy violations of the law;
  • 2001, Bar Admission;
  • 2000, state diploma at Civil Law;
  • 1987, state diploma at Economy studies.

Advocate’s office of Vasily Davydov 

6th floor, office 619, block A, 15 Novolitovskaya street,

 Business Centre "Akvilon", St-Petersburg, 194100, Russia

Tel + 7 812 295 8886

Fax + 7 812 295 8886

Mobile + 7 921 906 4541

E-mail vasily.davydov@davydovlaw.ru